Protected branches

You can define a list of protected branch names on a repository. Names can use wildcards (*).


Get the list of protected branches for a project:

p_branches = project.protectedbranches.list()

Get a single protected branch:

p_branch = project.protectedbranches.get('master')

Create a protected branch:

p_branch = project.protectedbranches.create({
    'name': '*-stable',
    'merge_access_level': gitlab.DEVELOPER_ACCESS,
    'push_access_level': gitlab.MAINTAINER_ACCESS

Create a protected branch with more granular access control:

p_branch = project.protectedbranches.create({
    'name': '*-stable',
    'allowed_to_push': [{"user_id": 99}, {"user_id": 98}],
    'allowed_to_merge': [{"group_id": 653}],
    'allowed_to_unprotect': [{"access_level": gitlab.MAINTAINER_ACCESS}]

Delete a protected branch:

# or