Merge requests

You can use merge requests to notify a project that a branch is ready for merging. The owner of the target projet can accept the merge request.

Merge requests are linked to projects, but they can be listed globally or for groups.

Group and global listing


List the merge requests created by the user of the token on the GitLab server:

mrs = gl.mergerequests.list()

List the merge requests available on the GitLab server:

mrs = gl.mergerequests.list(scope="all")

List the merge requests for a group:

group = gl.groups.get('mygroup')
mrs = group.mergerequests.list()


It is not possible to edit or delete MergeRequest and GroupMergeRequest objects. You need to create a ProjectMergeRequest object to apply changes:

mr = group.mergerequests.list()[0]
project = gl.projects.get(mr.project_id, lazy=True)
editable_mr = project.mergerequests.get(mr.iid, lazy=True)
editable_mr.title = updated_title

Project merge requests


List MRs for a project:

mrs = project.mergerequests.list()

You can filter and sort the returned list with the following parameters:

  • state: state of the MR. It can be one of all, merged, opened or closed

  • order_by: sort by created_at or updated_at

  • sort: sort order (asc or desc)

For example:

mrs = project.mergerequests.list(state='merged', order_by='updated_at')

Get a single MR:

mr = project.mergerequests.get(mr_id)

Create a MR:

mr = project.mergerequests.create({'source_branch': 'cool_feature',
                                   'target_branch': 'master',
                                   'title': 'merge cool feature',
                                   'labels': ['label1', 'label2']})

Update a MR:

mr.description = 'New description'
mr.labels = ['foo', 'bar']

Change the state of a MR (close or reopen):

mr.state_event = 'close'  # or 'reopen'

Delete a MR:

# or

Accept a MR:


Cancel a MR when the build succeeds:


List commits of a MR:

commits = mr.commits()

List the changes of a MR:

changes = mr.changes()

List issues that will close on merge:


Subscribe to / unsubscribe from a MR:


Mark a MR as todo:


List the diffs for a merge request:

diffs = mr.diffs.list()

Get a diff for a merge request:

diff = mr.diffs.get(diff_id)

Get time tracking stats:

merge request.time_stats()

On recent versions of Gitlab the time stats are also returned as a merge request object attribute:

mr = project.mergerequests.get(id)

Set a time estimate for a merge request:


Reset a time estimate for a merge request:


Add spent time for a merge request:


Reset spent time for a merge request:


Get user agent detail for the issue (admin only):

detail = issue.user_agent_detail()

Attempt to rebase an MR:


Attempt to merge changes between source and target branch:

response = mr.merge_ref()

Merge Request Pipelines


List pipelines for a merge request:

pipelines = mr.pipelines.list()

Create a pipeline for a merge request:

pipeline = mr.pipelines.create()