Release notes

Prior to version 2.0.0 and GitHub Releases, a summary of changes was maintained in release notes. They are available below for historical purposes. For the list of current releases, including breaking changes, please see the changelog.

Changes from 1.8 to 1.9

  • ProjectMemberManager.all() and GroupMemberManager.all() now return a list of ProjectMember and GroupMember objects respectively, instead of a list of dicts.

Changes from 1.7 to 1.8

  • You can now use the query_parameters argument in method calls to define arguments to send to the GitLab server. This allows to avoid conflicts between python-gitlab and GitLab server variables, and allows to use the python reserved keywords as GitLab arguments.

    The following examples make the same GitLab request with the 2 syntaxes:

    projects = gl.projects.list(owned=True, starred=True)
    projects = gl.projects.list(query_parameters={'owned': True, 'starred': True})

    The following example only works with the new parameter:

    activities = gl.user_activities.list(
                   query_parameters={'from': '2019-01-01'},
  • Additionally the all paremeter is not sent to the GitLab anymore.

Changes from 1.5 to 1.6

  • When python-gitlab detects HTTP redirections from http to https it will raise a RedirectionError instead of a cryptic error.

    Make sure to use an https:// protocol in your GitLab URL parameter if the server requires it.

Changes from 1.4 to 1.5

  • APIv3 support has been removed. Use the 1.4 release/branch if you need v3 support.

  • GitLab EE features are now supported: Geo nodes, issue links, LDAP groups, project/group boards, project mirror pulling, project push rules, EE license configuration, epics.

  • The GetFromListMixin class has been removed. The get() method is not available anymore for the following managers:

    • UserKeyManager

    • DeployKeyManager

    • GroupAccessRequestManager

    • GroupIssueManager

    • GroupProjectManager

    • GroupSubgroupManager

    • IssueManager

    • ProjectCommitStatusManager

    • ProjectEnvironmentManager

    • ProjectLabelManager

    • ProjectPipelineJobManager

    • ProjectAccessRequestManager

    • TodoManager

  • ProjectPipelineJob do not heritate from ProjectJob anymore and thus can only be listed.

Changes from 1.3 to 1.4

  • 1.4 is the last release supporting the v3 API, and the related code will be removed in the 1.5 version.

    If you are using a Gitlab server version that does not support the v4 API you can:

    • upgrade the server (recommended)

    • make sure to use version 1.4 of python-gitlab (pip install python-gitlab==1.4)

    See also the Switching to GitLab API v4 documentation.

  • python-gitlab now handles the server rate limiting feature. It will pause for the required time when reaching the limit (documentation)

  • The GetFromListMixin.get() method is deprecated and will be removed in the next python-gitlab version. The goal of this mixin/method is to provide a way to get an object by looping through a list for GitLab objects that don’t support the GET method. The method is broken and conflicts with the GET method now supported by some GitLab objects.

    You can implement your own method with something like:

    def get_from_list(self, id):
        for obj in self.list(as_list=False):
            if obj.get_id() == id:
                return obj
  • The GroupMemberManager, NamespaceManager and ProjectBoardManager managers now use the GET API from GitLab instead of the GetFromListMixin.get() method.

Changes from 1.2 to 1.3

  • gitlab.Gitlab objects can be used as context managers in a with block.

Changes from 1.1 to 1.2

  • python-gitlab now respects the *_proxy, REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE and CURL_CA_BUNDLE environment variables (#352)

  • The following deprecated methods and objects have been removed:

    • gitlab.v3.object Key and KeyManager objects: use DeployKey and DeployKeyManager instead

    • gitlab.v3.objects.Project archive_ and unarchive_ methods

    • gitlab.Gitlab credentials_auth, token_auth, set_url, set_token and set_credentials methods. Once a Gitlab object has been created its URL and authentication information cannot be updated: create a new Gitlab object if you need to use new information

  • The todo() method raises a GitlabTodoError exception on error

Changes from 1.0.2 to 1.1

  • The ProjectUser class doesn’t inherit from User anymore, and the GroupProject class doesn’t inherit from Project anymore. The Gitlab API doesn’t provide the same set of features for these objects, so python-gitlab objects shouldn’t try to workaround that.

    You can create User or Project objects from ProjectUser and GroupProject objects using the id attribute:

    for gr_project in group.projects.list():
        # lazy object creation avoids a Gitlab API request
        project = gl.projects.get(, lazy=True)
        project.default_branch = 'develop'

Changes from 0.21 to 1.0.0

1.0.0 brings a stable python-gitlab API for the v4 Gitlab API. v3 is still used by default.

v4 is mostly compatible with the v3, but some important changes have been introduced. Make sure to read Switching to GitLab API v4.

The development focus will be v4 from now on. v3 has been deprecated by GitLab and will disappear from python-gitlab at some point.

Changes from 0.20 to 0.21

  • Initial support for the v4 API (experimental)

    The support for v4 is stable enough to be tested, but some features might be broken. Please report issues to

    Be aware that the python-gitlab API for v4 objects might change in the next releases.


    Consider defining explicitly which API version you want to use in the configuration files or in your gitlab.Gitlab instances. The default will change from v3 to v4 soon.

  • Several methods have been deprecated in the gitlab.Gitlab class:

    • credentials_auth() is deprecated and will be removed. Call auth().

    • token_auth() is deprecated and will be removed. Call auth().

    • set_url() is deprecated, create a new Gitlab instance if you need an updated URL.

    • set_token() is deprecated, use the private_token argument of the Gitlab constructor.

    • set_credentials() is deprecated, use the email and password arguments of the Gitlab constructor.

  • The service listing method (ProjectServiceManager.list()) now returns a python list instead of a JSON string.

Changes from 0.19 to 0.20