Discussions organize the notes in threads. See the Notes chapter for more information about notes.

Discussions are available for project issues, merge requests, snippets and commits.



List the discussions for a resource (issue, merge request, snippet or commit):

discussions = resource.discussions.list()

Get a single discussion:

discussion = resource.discussions.get(discussion_id)

You can access the individual notes in the discussion through the notes attribute. It holds a list of notes in chronological order:

# ``resource.notes`` is a DiscussionNoteManager, so we need to get the
# object notes using ``attributes``
for note in discussion.attributes['notes']:


The notes are dicts, not objects.

You can add notes to existing discussions:

new_note = discussion.notes.create({'body': 'Episode IV: A new note'})

You can get and update a single note using the *DiscussionNote resources:

discussion = resource.discussions.get(discussion_id)
# Get the latest note's id
note_id = discussion.attributes['notes'][-1]['id']
last_note = discussion.notes.get(note_id)
last_note.body = 'Updated comment'

Create a new discussion:

discussion = resource.discussions.create({'body': 'First comment of discussion'})

You can comment on merge requests and commit diffs. Provide the position dict to define where the comment should appear in the diff:

mr_diff = mr.diffs.get(diff_id)
mr.discussions.create({'body': 'Note content',
                       'position': {
                           'base_sha': mr_diff.base_commit_sha,
                           'start_sha': mr_diff.start_commit_sha,
                           'head_sha': mr_diff.head_commit_sha,
                           'position_type': 'text',
                           'new_line': 1,
                           'old_path': 'README.rst',
                           'new_path': 'README.rst'}

Resolve / unresolve a merge request discussion:

mr_d = mr.discussions.get(d_id)
mr_d.resolved = True  # True to resolve, False to unresolve

Delete a comment:

# or