Issue boards


Boards are a visual representation of existing issues for a project or a group. Issues can be moved from one list to the other to track progress and help with priorities.



Get the list of existing boards for a project or a group:

# item is a Project or a Group
boards = project_or_group.boards.list()

Get a single board for a project or a group:

board = project_or_group.boards.get(board_id)

Create a board:

board = project_or_group.boards.create({'name': 'new-board'})


Board creation is not supported in the GitLab CE edition.

Delete a board:

# or


Board deletion is not supported in the GitLab CE edition.

Board lists

Boards are made of lists of issues. Each list is associated to a label, and issues tagged with this label automatically belong to the list.



List the issue lists for a board:

b_lists = board.lists.list()

Get a single list:

b_list = board.lists.get(list_id)

Create a new list:

# First get a ProjectLabel
label = get_or_create_label()
# Then use its ID to create the new board list
b_list = board.lists.create({'label_id':})

Change a list position. The first list is at position 0. Moving a list will set it at the given position and move the following lists up a position:

b_list.position = 2

Delete a list: