Notification settings#

You can define notification settings globally, for groups and for projects. Valid levels are defined as constants:

  • gitlab.const.NotificationLevel.DISABLED

  • gitlab.const.NotificationLevel.PARTICIPATING

  • gitlab.const.NotificationLevel.WATCH

  • gitlab.const.NotificationLevel.GLOBAL

  • gitlab.const.NotificationLevel.MENTION

  • gitlab.const.NotificationLevel.CUSTOM

You get access to fine-grained settings if you use the NOTIFICATION_LEVEL_CUSTOM level.



Get the notifications settings:

# global settings
settings = gl.notificationsettings.get()
# for a group
settings = gl.groups.get(group_id).notificationsettings.get()
# for a project
settings = gl.projects.get(project_id).notificationsettings.get()

Update the notifications settings:

# use a predefined level
settings.level = gitlab.const.NotificationLevel.WATCH

# create a custom setup
settings.level = gitlab.const.NotificationLevel.CUSTOM  # will create additional attributes, but not mandatory

settings.new_merge_request = True
settings.new_issue = True
settings.new_note = True