Upgrading from python-gitlab 0.10 and earlier

python-gitlab 0.11 introduces new objects which make the API cleaner and easier to use. The feature set is unchanged but some methods have been deprecated in favor of the new manager objects.

Deprecated methods will be remove in a future release.

Gitlab object migration

The objects constructor methods are deprecated:

  • Hook()
  • Project()
  • UserProject()
  • Group()
  • Issue()
  • User()
  • Team()

Use the new managers objects instead. For example:

# Deprecated syntax
p1 = gl.Project({'name': 'myCoolProject'})
p2 = gl.Project(id=1)
p_list = gl.Project()

# New syntax
p1 = gl.projects.create({'name': 'myCoolProject'})
p2 = gl.projects.get(1)
p_list = gl.projects.list()

The following methods are also deprecated:

  • search_projects()
  • owned_projects()
  • all_projects()

Use the projects manager instead:

# Deprecated syntax
l1 = gl.search_projects('whatever')
l2 = gl.owned_projects()
l3 = gl.all_projects()

# New syntax
l1 = gl.projects.search('whatever')
l2 = gl.projects.owned()
l3 = gl.projects.all()

GitlabObject objects migration

The following constructor methods are deprecated in favor of the matching managers:

Deprecated method Matching manager
User.Key() User.keys
CurrentUser.Key() CurrentUser.keys
Group.Member() Group.members
ProjectIssue.Note() ProjectIssue.notes
ProjectMergeRequest.Note() ProjectMergeRequest.notes
ProjectSnippet.Note() ProjectSnippet.notes
Project.Branch() Project.branches
Project.Commit() Project.commits
Project.Event() Project.events
Project.File() Project.files
Project.Hook() Project.hooks
Project.Key() Project.keys
Project.Issue() Project.issues
Project.Label() Project.labels
Project.Member() Project.members
Project.MergeRequest() Project.mergerequests
Project.Milestone() Project.milestones
Project.Note() Project.notes
Project.Snippet() Project.snippets
Project.Tag() Project.tags
Team.Member() Team.members
Team.Project() Team.projects

For example:

# Deprecated syntax
p = gl.Project(id=2)
issues = p.Issue()

# New syntax
p = gl.projects.get(2)
issues = p.issues.list()