Release notes

This page describes important changes between python-gitlab releases.

Changes from 0.20 to 0.21

  • Initial support for the v4 API (experimental)

    The support for v4 is stable enough to be tested, but some features might be broken. Please report issues to

    Be aware that the python-gitlab API for v4 objects might change in the next releases.


    Consider defining explicitly which API version you want to use in the configuration files or in your gitlab.Gitlab instances. The default will change from v3 to v4 soon.

  • Several methods have been deprecated in the gitlab.Gitlab class:

    • credentials_auth() is deprecated and will be removed. Call auth().
    • token_auth() is deprecated and will be removed. Call auth().
    • set_url() is deprecated, create a new Gitlab instance if you need an updated URL.
    • set_token() is deprecated, use the private_token argument of the Gitlab constructor.
    • set_credentials() is deprecated, use the email and password arguments of the Gitlab constructor.
  • The service listing method (ProjectServiceManager.list()) now returns a python list instead of a JSON string.

Changes from 0.19 to 0.20