List the commits for a project:

commits = gl.project_commits.list(project_id=1)
# or
commits = project.commits.list()

You can use the ref_name, since and until filters to limit the results:

commits = project.commits.list(ref_name='my_branch')
commits = project.commits.list(since='2016-01-01T00:00:00Z')

Create a commit:

# See
# for actions detail
data = {
    'branch_name': 'master',
    'commit_message': 'blah blah blah',
    'actions': [
            'action': 'create',
            'file_path': 'blah',
            'content': 'blah'

commit = gl.project_commits.create(data, project_id=1)
# or
commit = project.commits.create(data)

Get a commit detail:

commit = gl.project_commits.get('e3d5a71b', project_id=1)
# or
commit = project.commits.get('e3d5a71b')

Get the diff for a commit:

diff = commit.diff()

Cherry-pick a commit into another branch:


Commit comments


Get the comments for a commit:

comments = gl.project_commit_comments.list(project_id=1, commit_id='master')
# or
comments = project.commit_comments.list(commit_id='a5fe4c8')
# or
comments = commit.comments.list()

Add a comment on a commit:

# Global comment
commit = commit.comments.create({'note': 'This is a nice comment'})
# Comment on a line in a file (on the new version of the file)
commit = commit.comments.create({'note': 'This is another comment',
                                 'line': 12,
                                 'line_type': 'new',
                                 'path': 'README.rst'})

Commit status


Get the statuses for a commit:

statuses = gl.project_commit_statuses.list(project_id=1, commit_id='master')
# or
statuses = project.commit_statuses.list(commit_id='a5fe4c8')
# or
statuses = commit.statuses.list()

Change the status of a commit:

commit.statuses.create({'state': 'success'})